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May 2017

  • Strong Real Estate Season Anticipated
  • MNR Approval Required for all  Dock Work
  • Lawyer Warns of Importance of Having your Occupancy Permits for Your Cottage and Boathouse
  • Hostas are Easy Care
  • Foundation Planting
  • Fan Rotation Time
  • Useful Arbors
  • Maintenance Reminders for Washers and Dryers
  • After Hours Plumbing Assistance

September 2015

  • Gravenhurst Family Star Gazing Party
  • Is Your CO Alarm Working?
  • Register at Your Local Post Office to Get Deliveries
  • Improve Privacy to Build Value at Your Muskoka Cottage
  • Hasslefree Fireplace
  • RLP Discount Flooring Program
  • Yaxtrax Make a Great Gift for Cottage or City
  • Car Battery Tenders-Choose the Right One

March 2017

  • Strong Real Estate Market in Muskoka
  • MLA Seedling Day
  • Boat Wrap and the Environment
  • A Fantastic App to Remind You
  • Look at History Through Muskoka Web Map Pages
  • Increases to Provincial Land Transfer Taxes
  • Space Saving for Small Cottages
  • Stage 2 Property Reassessment
  • for lots of information about Muskoka

July 2016

May 2016

March 2016

July 2015

May 2015

March 2015

September 2014

July 2014

May 2014

March 2014

  • Waterfront Costs
  • 2013 Cottage Sales Review
  • Warning- Township of Muskoka Lakes and Seguin Bylaw Changes Soon
  • 46 Idea Books for Your Muskoka Cottage
  • Healthy and Easy Cottage Dinners with a Gefu Spirelli
  • Bubblers- The Good and The Bad
  • Important Notice for Many Canadians Who Spend Time in the US
  • Meet Steve Taylor

September 2013

  • Old Pictures of Port Carling
  • What We Learned in the 2013 Spring Flood
  • Cottage Fire Safety Assistance
  • Let Alarm Pro Help You See Your Cottage All Winter
  • Gemthane Decking and Siding
  • Use Your Camera for Protection-A Fall Project
  • Need to Get Away this Winter?
  • Someone in the Family Having Twins- Online Supportive Ideas
  • Tim Horton’s Coming To Port Carling
  • Goldenrod for Fall Colour non allergenic, deer proof, likes poor soil
  • Viburnums and Ninebarks
  • Stairway Danger
  • To Bubble or Not to Bubble

July 2013

  • Two Really Canadian Drinks for your Cottage Guests
  • Muskoka Car Rally
  • Scavenger Hunt by Boat
  • Walking Tours of Port Carling
  • Nincompoop Fertilizer
  • Train Like an Astronnaut at Your Cottage
  • Harold and Lorna- A Great DVD for Your Muskoka Collection
  • Safe Boating- An Experiment Worth Your Life
  • Small Additions Can Make Big Differences- “ Bump Out”
  • BBQ Safety
  • Fireplace Safety Warning
  • Mortgage Fraud
  • Township of Muskoka Lakes Bylaw Changes Possible Soon

May 2013

  • Muskoka’s spring Flooding
  • Succulent Container Gardens in Muskoka
  • Seedling Day
  • Muskoka Heritage Foundation Cottage Tour
  • How to Avoid a Major Flood Catastrophe at the Cottage
  • Easy Succulents Gardens for Muskoka
  • Spring Cleaning Your Computer
  • Organic Solution to Sensitive Documents Disposal
  • 33rd Annual Antique And Classic Boat Show
  • 10 Trends in Muskoka Landscape Architecture
  • Hints To Stop Septic Problems

March 2013

  • Non-Resident Cottage Sales
  • Making a Good First Impression at Your Cottage
  • Finally Found Great Toilet and Will Share Our Research
  • Eliminating Cottage Odours
  • Organic Deodorizers
  • Sleep Your Weight Off
  • Low Maintenance Container Gardens
  • Plans for a Woodshed
  • Building YourWillpower is Easier Than You Thought
  • Iconically Canadian Children’s Books
  • Sunday Edition on CBC Radio

September 2012

  • What Your Need to Know About Fires in Muskoka
  • Make Sure You Know About Your Cottage ROW
  • How to Combat Drought in Your Muskoka Garden
  • Truly Native Grasses
  • Get Ready for Snow or Travel-South
  • Rejuvenation in Muskoka
  • Need Help with Heating?
  • Great Book for Children Coming to the Cottage in Winter
  • Actively Teaching Optimism Protects your Children

July 2012

  • A Health and Exercise Remedy Made for
  • Muskoka
  • Reusable Container Gardening
  • Consider Adding
  • Art to Your
  • Landscape
  • Slow Your Aging-Voice Exercises
  • Some To do’s to Keep Your Cottage Safe
  • Let the Sun Power Your Evening
  • Roasted Tomato Caprese
  • Salad
  • New Restaurant on the Water

May 2012

  • What Your Should Know About Opinions of Value and Market Value Assessments
  • Keep Deer from Your Muskoka Garden
  • Frameless Glass Porches
  • New Boat Tops
  • How MLS Serves You
  • How to Get the Most for Your Money with a Cottage Survey

March 2012

  • Sales Statistics
  • Preserving Muskoka’s History
  • Starting Kids Water Skiing Early
  • Nautical Lighting Ideas
  • Inexpensive Vacations
  • Nest Thermostat Can Save You Money
  • Your Assessed Frontage May Not Match Your Survey
  • Do Your Know About Your Cottage’s SRA

September 2011

  • Thanksgiving Family Activity
  • Higher Priced Properties Continue to Fly Off The Market
  • Restoring Your Wooden Boat
  • Comfortable and Stylish Golf Shoes
  • Your Cottage Maintenance Costs
  • Cooking With No Effort
  • Fine Custom Carpentry
  • Taking a Winter Holiday?
  • “Train the Monkey” When You Are Young

July 2011

  • Muskoka Heritage Foundation Tour
  • Real Estate Market Lagging
  • Storm Damage in Muskoka
  • An Outdoor Room, With A View
  • Helpful Cottage Tips
  • Winter Warnings Apply to Summer Fun
  • Oil Tank Blues

May 2011

  • Great Beginnings
  • Buy Mojito Mint Now
  • Helpful Cottage Tidbits
  • Great Waterproof Sneakers
  • Cottage Drive – You Can Be Asleep And Not Even Know It
  • Look More Youthful

March 2011

  • A Great Year for Rosseau
  • Murray’s Wisdom About Boat Chrome
  • How We Survived… The Blue Screen Of Death
  • Balance Yourself To Enjoy Muskoka
  • A Great New Muskoka Cottage Kayak
  • Do You Use “211”
  • A New and Worthwhile Children’s Book for Cottage Reading

May 2010

  • A Fast Start to the 2010 Muskoka Real Estate Market
  • Lake Rosseau Cottage Tour
  • Our Maps are Ready!
  • Letters From Your Grandchildren
  • Custom Furniture Can Be Very Inexpensive
  • Cottage Gifts
  • Floh Club and Your Muskoka Choice
  • By Law Change
  • Interesting Opportunity Based On An Old Idea

March 2010

  • 2009 Statistics
  • Lucky Draw Winners Announced
  • Protect Your Privacy
  • Costly Mistakes Can Be Avoided
  • Our New Map
  • Tip: Kill Ants Without Poison
  • New Special Report – Construction Contract

November 2009

  • Drive Safely To The Cottage
  • The 4th Turning
  • Enhancing Privacy at the Cottage
  • Quick Cottage Friday Night Dinner
  • Something Old and Something New

September 2009

  • How Was Summer 2009 Real Estate?
  • Keep Years of Cottage Memories Alive
  • Improve Daily Enjoyment and Add Value
  • Activities For The Fall
  • Upscaling
  • Make Your Drive to the Cottage More Interesting

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