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At the start of a Muskoka building project, everyone is happy and excited.

However, every project has ups and downs, and it is important that you have a solid contract in place to protect you, and to help you to know in advance how problems will be handled.

This sample contract gives you ideas to look for in the contract you sign with your Muskoka builder. Something as simple as whether your contractors can smoke on site can turn into a major problem, if not handled properly at the start of your Muskoka cottage project.

It is important to have your choices made in a timely fashion when building.

Construction is a complicated process, especially in Muskoka, and it takes discipline to have all your decisions made at the time when your contractor needs them to be.

Our timeline will keep you on track, so that you are not rushing through important and expensive chioce; and having the decisions made on time will help to maintain your good working relationship with your Muskoka builder.

If you are considering the construction of a new boathouse, use these suggestions to help shape your decision making.

Building is expensive and you want to be sure that you are benefitting from the experiences of others who have built before you.

These tips are compiled to expand your thinking and creativity, and to create a boathouse that is both beautiful and functional.

We have collected tips on design, construction and the various construction materials from builders and architects. You may accept or reject the suggestions, but they will get your brain pumping with ideas as you work through your own construction project.

It can be stressful to have your electrical & plumbing contractors ask you questions that you have not yet considered the answers to.

This guide gives ideas to consider in advance of meeting with the contractors who will be doing your electrical and plumbing work.

Your contractors will give you additional ideas, but this guide will give you a head start.

Muskoka building projects are expensive and complex.

The key to a successful building project is knowing how to interview for the right builder.

Too many cottagers have been influenced by charm or low quotes, only to have a disaster on their hands.

This detailed guide will give you the questions to ask and the things to look for in your Muskoka builder.

Use this guide for every step along the way in selecting among the Contractor candidates to build your Muskoka dream cottage. (Also see the Special Report on how to create a comprehensive Construction Contract ).

This is a page that should be kept in the glove compartment of your car, so that no matter who is driving, there is help when it is needed.

Since we jump cars only very occasionally, having instructions handy will provide comfort to a stranded driver.

Run- off from yards, gardens, driveways, and roads goes directly into the lake if you do not have strategically placed rain gardens.

Protect the Muskoka lakes and your expensive Muskoka investment, by learning how easy it is to create rain gardens on your property.

It is interesting to see the dates that the ice went out, over a hundred years on Lake Muskoka.

You will be surprised at some of the dates! This document could be copied for mounting in your hallway, or boathouse, as an interesting artifact for guests to look over.

Although not always identical, the ice would go out at approximately the same time on Lake Rosseau and Lake Joseph.

Please contact us to receive this PDF Special Report in your email.

These tips are compiled to assist cottagers to prepare mentally and to prepare the cottage’s physical environment for the process of selling.

Each stage from getting the cottage organized and tidy, to the emotional issues of deciding on a price and remaining objective when receiving offers, is covered in this Special Report

Wouldn’t you like to have your Muskoka gardens filled with perfect plants? Plants that have gorgeous foliage, beautiful blooms, the ability to survive wind and heavy rains, yet require little or no fertilization or care.

A plant that would enhance the value of your real estate invest-ment with its beauty, but not take time from your leisure activities

Low maintenance, well planned landscaping is an excellent investment to enhance the value and your enjoyment of your cottage.

But your gardens must be environmentally friendly, as you have a lake to protect.

Gardening in Muskoka is not the same as gardening in more southern climes, nor should it be.

Read this Special Report to learn how to think about gardening in Muskoka, as well as how to make it happen.

In Muskoka storms over the lake are an amazing display, whether it is winter sleet and snow or summer lightning.

One way to protect yourself against spoiled dinner plans, a melting mess in your freezer, frozen pipes or worse, is to purchase your own generator.

It is always a challenge to find thoughtful and unique gifts for the many occasions in your life when some token, whether big or small, is appropriate.

This Special Report is designed to make the gift giving process less stressful and more fun, because we have done the legwork for you.

What height do you hang a chandelier? What width of space do you require for a toilet? How wide should a boat slip be? What is the golden mean? There are hundreds of numbers that have to be known when building on decorating in order to get things right.

Muskoka cottagers spend a lot of time travelling in the off season, and this report will help you to book hotels around the world at very low prices.

There is a knack to bidding effectively on a hotel, and one of our Muskoka friends let us in on all the secrets, which we have recorded to share with you.

This checklist will make it easier for you to properly equip your car each fall, in preparation for winter.

A summary of Charles Duhigg’s work.

A summary of Kelly McGonigal’s work on Willpower.

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