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You Can Count on Value Added Real Estate Service

We have an extensive range of cottage experience and life skills that prepare us to benefit our clients in an exemplary fashion, and have prepared extensive support materials to provide to our clients.

You can count on us to attend to every detail during your real estate transaction and also to be available for you when you need help or advice after your purchase. We maintain a long term relationship with our clients, helping whenever we can.

High Level, Effectively Integrated Communication Skills

It is important to excel in the area of verbal and written communication, as well as presentation skills, in order to be able to serve clients well in real estate. We use our well developed written, photographic, and computer skills to create custom designed, effective marketing for the properties we list. We have studied negotiation and have used these skills effectively for a variety of purposes, so we are ready to act on your behalf. Real estate transactions are based on emotional decisions, so it is important to be able to be non-confrontational when effectively negotiating a transaction.

Local Knowledge

Over 20 years on the lakes gives us an intimate knowledge of Muskoka. We can explain the differences that cottaging in each of the various communities around the lakes would provide for you. On the lakes, we can assist you to identify the benefits the waterfront holds at each location. We know the marinas and shopping availability in all seasons, and can indicate the desirability of locations you are considering in terms of groceries, gasoline and other provisions or conveniences that facilitate your cottage time. We provide our Purchasers with an extensive viewing guide which reminds them to consider a wide variety of factors when comparing cottages.

Experience in Building and Renovation

Some cottages may require some alteration in order to meet your needs or expectations. We have extensive personal experience in the area of design, construction, and renovation; and can provide you with handouts we have prepared on construction, selecting the best builder, and so on. You are welcome to pick our brains for ideas, as we have experience with everything from minor facelifts to extensive renovations. We can also recommend architects, contractors, plumbers, electricians and other trades to assist you.

Experience in Cottage Staging

Staging your cottage means carefully preparing a property to be able to compete well on the real estate market. It involves repairing, cleaning, organizing, prepacking, rearranging, or anything else necessary to make your property sell quickly and for the best dollar. We have experience in this area and references who attest to the price difference our guidance gained them.

Knowledge of Dock and Boathouse Construction

It is important to have extensive knowledge about docks and boathouse construction when buying a cottage. We can assist you to look for the size and features in a dock that will meet your needs, and can assist you to understand when a dock or boathouse may not meet your needs or may require repair, reconstruction, or alterations. Sometimes a dock can easily be lengthened or widened a bit, and sometimes it cannot. We can guide you with such things, and can bring in experts on short notice if that is required.

Experience with Different Water Sources

We have much experience with well and lake source water. We can give you hints about how to achieve the clearest water if you are pumpingfrom a lake, or factors to consider when pumping from a well. Heat lines into the lake are needed if you will be using your cottage in the winter, andwe have hints to keep them running efficiently. We can also give you information on testing your water.

Experience with Septic Choices

We have personal experience with several types of septic systems and can talk to you about the types of septic systems available. We can put you in touch with high quality septic professionals when that is required. Upgrading or installing a septic in some locations can be a challenge and you will need to know the full range of choices to make the best selection.

Familiarity with Marinas

We are familiar with all the marinas in the area, both water based, and dry land. We can show you how close you are to marina services when you are considering a cottage purchase. We can also indicate which ones are open in the winter to pump gas for your snowmobiles.

Experience with Island Life

Having spent time both cottaging and living full time on an island, we have much experience and advice to share with those who want the peace and tranquility of island life. We know what it takes to enjoy Muskoka through this venue and would be pleased to assist anyone who wants to explore the joys of an island.

Experience with Boating and Boat Choices

From experience, we know that choosing the wrong boat for your purpose can be an expensive mistake, and can interfere with the pleasure of your cottage experience. We can offer you principles of boat selection that address your cottage situation and your intended water use. We own a variety of boats to take you by water to see potential properties, regardless of the weather, and to experience for yourself the different purposes different engines and boat sizes serve. We can even give you your first driving lesson if you are new to boats.

We can be Your Concierge, Sourcing Resources for you

We have prepared lists of building, plumbing, electrical, and heating contractors by area for your convenience. We can recommend Lawyers, Surveyors, Home Inspectors, and other professional you may require. We know where to find the things you are looking for.

We Know about Muskoka Activities

We have prepared a list of activities around Muskoka which you might enjoy. Getting involved in local activities gives you the greatest flavour of the area and enhances your time in cottage country. Muskoka is alive with interesting things to do in all seasons, making it an enjoyable get away for the whole family. Let us help you discover Muskoka.

We Know Cottage Country

Muskoka is a vast and complex place with multiple Municipalities and myriad lakes. It is easy to get confused and frustrated if you are new to this area and doing some research.

We are happy to guide you through the maze and provide you with any information you need about cottaging in Muskoka, or buying or selling a cottage in Muskoka. We are always happy to help anyone. Service is what we are known for and why we receive such high award status


We dislike spam as much as you do and above all we respect your privacy. We will not share your contact information with anyone else.

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