It is best to have your landscaping done during the final three months of construction. This gets you out of the mess and confusion of new construction as quickly as possible. It also means that your plants, trees and shrubs get established early and provide colour, shade and an overall sense of completion to your project.

Image: Finishing touches to the landscape

If this is done, your cottage will look very mature and established by its second year.

Your landscaping can be done all at one time or it can be staged. It is a good idea to use the services of a landscape architect to have a plan created to meet your needs and to maximize the natural benefits of your property. Once you have a solid plan, you can complete the work yourself or you can contract the work out.

In Muskoka it is a good idea to keep the landscape as natural as possible which keeps maintenance to a minimum. Native plants also survive the harsh northern climate better than horticultural plants. Native grasses are especially popular currently and they are an effective way to create a low maintenance, naturally looking landscape.

Strive to use plants that do not require fertilization for the sake of our lakes.
Rob can work with your landscape professionals or you can rely on the team your landscape professionals provide.

Rob Borne could provide some guidance with your landscaping needs at the same time construction details are being discussed.

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