Interesting Statistics on the Muskoka Real Estate Market

While year-to-date unit cottage sales by the end of July 2017 on Lake Muskoka, Lake Rosseau and Lake Joseph are up 7%, total dollar sales are up almost 15% on a year-to-date basis. The difference between the units and dollars sales growth was caused by an 8% increase in the average selling price during the […]

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Glamping in Muskoka

You can purchase a vacant lot and have a lot of fun, for low cost, with “Glamping”. Glamping is glamourous camping such as is done on safari in Africa. If you put in hydro and septic, you can have most of the comforts of having a full cottage, at a lot less money, as you […]

Your Boating License

Check to make sure you have your boating licence with you at all time in the boat to avoid really large fines. I just discovered my boating license was not to be found anywhere, so we ordered three new ones for each of us, for just over $30.00 for three copies. It is worth the […]

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We Know Cottage Country

Muskoka is a vast and complex place with multiple Municipalities and myriad lakes. It is easy to get confused and frustrated if you are new to this area and doing some research.

We are happy to guide you through the maze and provide you with any information you need about cottaging in Muskoka, or buying or selling a cottage in Muskoka. We are always happy to help anyone. Service is what we are known for and why we receive such high award status


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